Our story is one of unity. East Walker Church of Christ launched in July 1971 when three area congregations in the south-eastern part of Walker County united together. Unity really gets to the heart of who we are. Throughout our history, we’ve been a place of grace, love, and growth for many who sought out East Walker as a refuge. We are a loving family made up of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences coming together for a common purpose—to glorify God, love one another, bless the world, and in due time make it to our home in heaven.

“In the past 50 years many wonderful sermons been preached and many Bible classes taught. The changed hearts and fruit will come for generations and the harvest is still coming.”

Barry Bennett, Preacher

Our story is also one of transformation. We’ve been a growing church with a big vision for what God can do through us. Our first church service had 78 present. After just six months as a new congregation 25 had placed membership, 24 were restored to the Lord, and 12 had been baptized. By the end of the first year the congregation had grown to an attendance of about 125. In 1973, a bus ministry was started with 3 buses but later 6 more buses were added. The bus ministry was hugely successful (doubling the number in attendance) and as a result the church began to grow quickly. In 1974 we began construction on an education annex and again we added on in 1989 a new fellowhip hall and once more we added on in the late 90's. Currently we are working on adding a pavilion to the building in 2022. Along the way we’ve also added gifted men and women to help in our growing ministries, along with elders, deacons, ministry team leaders, and ministry staff.

Real Transformation

The real transformation we’re aiming for, however, is God’s work in changing hearts and lives to be like Jesus. In fact, our mission at East Walker is just that, to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. Our story is really made up of the many stories of people taking steps deeper and deeper into the humble way of Jesus and a Spirit-filled life. God has created some amazing stories at East Walker, and the transforming effects ripple through Walker county and throughout the world!

We are thankful to God for his blessings. It’s been an amazing journey for us so far–but we believe God is still very much at work in these people, and that the best is still yet to come! We’d love to hear about your story and to see how you and your gifts could help write another chapter of unity and transformation here at East Walker Church of Christ!

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