Ages 1-12

Our children’s ministry has committed to teaching the children about God’s love, Word, and will. It includes classes for them on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. We also try to have at least one event specifically for this group once a month. This may be holiday-related, a game night, or Fun in the Sun. Every quarter, our teens arrange a special class for the children where they get 3 lessons, songs, and an activity related to their upcoming classes. Of course, we can’t forget Vacation Bible School the second week of July every year!

Grade 6 - 12

Our youth ministry is dedicated to teaching the teens about God, the Savior, scripture, and how to live like Christ. Our goal is to help them learn to Seek Him, Share Him, and Serve Him. Seeking Him is about becoming a Christian and then building a personal relationship with the Father. Sharing Him is about both knowing what others need to hear about God and how to say it. Serving Him is about obeying Him in his commands, but also is about obeying him in the call to meet the needs of others. We meet these goals through our Bible classes, service projects, leadership training with Lads to Leaders, and a few major youth trips throughout the year.

Worship Services

We have worship services every Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening. We take this time to come together and worship God our Father, and to remember Jesus Christ our Savior. This is a time where we get to pray, praise, and listen to scriptural teaching so that we can not only grow together as a family but also grow closer to God.

Women Ministry

For our ladies, we have a few events just to encourage and equip them in their spiritual lives. One such event is the annual Ladies' Day where they have a speaker, food, and fellowship all geared specifically for them. Our ladies are also very active with all of the congregational events we have.

Missions and Causes

East Walker supports both local and international missions. Internationally we support India and Romania. Locally we support Childhaven, Heritage Christian, and the Church of Christ Disaster Relief. We also work monthly for our local congregation and local community through our CIA program.

Church In Action

Church in Action is what we call our mission for Sunday nights to get involved in the lives and needs of our members and community. We use Sunday nights for devotionals with discussion groups after, fellowship meals, singing nights, and service projects. Our prayer and hope is that our church family can be a light to the world, shining with His radiance for our sakes and the sake of others.

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